onsdag 27. august 2008


I've been thinking. This year I'm doing English at the University College of Oslo. My thinking is this: The more I use this language, the better I'll be at it. So, I've decided to write all my blogposts in English for the year coming. Wasn't that a great idea if I ever had one?!?

Yesterday I bought myself the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary. I've been wanting it for years and years, and now, all of a sudden, I had a perfectly good reason to get it: I need it for school! Isn't that just great? I sure think so.

So far, Oslo has been OK. Haven't had too much to do, but I guess that will change relatively soon, as my first written assignment is due in two weeks. It's nothing big, just three pages. I'll get that done in a flash!

I bought a lovely yarn for the August hat in the KAL. It's a silk and alpacca mix, called Chiri. Really soft... And it's in a cold blueish colour. I'll have the hat done in a few days I hope. I better. Or else I'm out of the competition. I actually think I'm gonna make a go for it right now! I'll just show you a quick picture of the progress so far first:

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Anonym sa...

teke d på dialekt eg. :-)
nydlige farje på gadne, ska bli kjekkt å sjå d feriga resultate.
i kvell har pappa og eg vore på foreldremøter, pappa på ongdomsskuel og eg på kulturskuel.
nå e me igong og gott e d.
knip frå mamma