søndag 28. september 2008


You thinks it's been too long since my last update? No idea what you're saying...

I've been knitting quite a lot. And watched way too many episodes of Numb3rs. But that's ok. Right now it's fall break, so I have a lot of time on my hands! Not that I should be writing entries for my professional journal or anything.

In the last five weeks I have attended five concerts. Now that's something! Let me list them up for you: St.Morritz, The Ranger and the Unsuspected Stranger/Onkel Tuka, Kirk Franklin, Ole Børud, Garness. Not bad?

I'll just...you know...get back to my knitting.

a shawl made of Nille-wool. (Østlandsgarn)

a bib (smekke) of bright green double bambino cotton

another "Turn a Square" of Østlandsgarn

and two pairs of ribbed socks

onsdag 10. september 2008


Kirk Franklin.

Praise God!!
Such a fantastic experience to be at the concert at Sentrum Scene in Oslo last night. Just amazing. He did all the good old songs we all love so dearly. We were dancing, clapping, jumping, singing our hearts out, crying, hugging, sccreaming, holding hands, praising God at the top of our voices...

Wow. That's all I can say really.
If you weren't there: You shold've been there!

Jesus elsker alle barna,
alle barna på vår jord.
Rød og gul og hvit og svart
er det samme har Han sagt,
Jesus elsker alle barna på vår jord!

søndag 7. september 2008


Lina was finished last Sunday.

Turn a Square is the hat of the month in September. I made it on Friday.

This summer i bought a sock-knitting-kit. But the pattern was boring. So instead I'm knitting the Clover Lace Rib pattern, which can be found in The Sole Solution. There's something I don't quite understand in the heel turn, it consists of short rows shaping. Maybe I'll get it right on sock number two... I'm at the toe shaping now, will finish it today, I suppose.

And I've started a new pair of socks in Østlandsgarn. Just ribbing all the way, easy peasy. I', doing it for the Two Nation Knitting Battle between Norway and Denmark. The Turn a Square hat will also be parttaking of the battle.