søndag 7. september 2008


Lina was finished last Sunday.

Turn a Square is the hat of the month in September. I made it on Friday.

This summer i bought a sock-knitting-kit. But the pattern was boring. So instead I'm knitting the Clover Lace Rib pattern, which can be found in The Sole Solution. There's something I don't quite understand in the heel turn, it consists of short rows shaping. Maybe I'll get it right on sock number two... I'm at the toe shaping now, will finish it today, I suppose.

And I've started a new pair of socks in Østlandsgarn. Just ribbing all the way, easy peasy. I', doing it for the Two Nation Knitting Battle between Norway and Denmark. The Turn a Square hat will also be parttaking of the battle.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

du e så flink te å strikka :) Sko ønska eg og var så flink

totliii sa...

d e kje så vanskeligt visst du barra prøve litt. kan lera deg eg! ;)