fredag 17. oktober 2008

I am writing my journal entries.

Last weekend I was on the train, basically. Home for my aunts 5oth birthday party. An the train brought me between Oslo and Stavanger (from which I took boat/bus), app. 8 hours each direction.

So, what do you do on a train for such an extensive time period? You bring your new book about crocheting of course!
On my way there, I learnt some new stitches and made a "gryteklut" that got almost finished. I didn't have enough yarn for finishing... Anyway, I left it at home. And there I also left the vintage bottle warmer I started on.

So, on the way back I had to start over with some new things! So I tried a wave pattern with double crochet stitches:But I want some more yarn in different colours to finish it.

And I learnt how to do tunisian crocheting (hakking):These three panels are made in "enkel", "rett" and "vrangvendt" tunisian crocheting. (My book is in Norwegian so I don't know the correct English names...) The plan is to make several panels in different colours and turn them into more "grytekluter". Do they always twist like this?

And lastly, when all I had left was white cotton, I made this little hexagon thingy with spirals:

Back in Oslo I have been working on a very large and baggy Turn-A-Square which will fit my head of dreads:

The poor thing has been waiting for me to find the dpns for a long time now so I can finish the bind-off... Almost done. I used some left-over yarn. The white is Denim Chunky from Sirdar and the purplish one is Shadow Tweed from Patons. Needles 6mm. Don't remember how many stitches I cast on... But I increased several times afterwords.

This summer I started working on a baby jacket in BabySilk from DSA. It looks like this now:

And I've started a Kiri-shawl in Tynn Alpakka from DSA:

I love DSA.

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Anonym sa...

rett å slett flittiglise e du alse.
håpa atte du har det bra. me har hatt ei fantastiske helg med small denne helje, heilt topp. an jarle e barre heilt rågo å få ungane med seg.nå ska me snart eta pizza å kosa oss litt før d bere t sengs, kjenne d tar på m så møkje aktiviteter på ei helg. ha det godt. stoooor knip frå mamsen